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2020 January WCO Regional Results

January WCO Regional Tournament

Tournament Results:

Advanced Doubles:

1st- Kevin Smith & Bobby Sperry

2nd- Steve Poll & Jeff Shantz

3rd- Dean Lang & Jamie Cowan

Competitive Doubles:

1st- Jose Oliveria & Jorge Vargas

2nd- Kenny Smith & Harley Darling

3rd- David Dobin & Phil Tavares

Co-Ed Doubles:

1st- Dean Lang & Annette Burgess

2nd- Steve Poll & Kiley Poll

3rd- Leslie Moutoux & Jorge Vargas

Advanced Singles:

1st- Bobby Sperry

2nd- Jamie Cowan

3rd- Kevin Smith

Competitive Singles:

1st- Kevin Smith

2nd- David Bobin

3rd- Jorge Vargas

Open Blind Draw Doubles:

1st- Kevin Smith & Jorge Vargas

2nd- Jeff Shantz & Jamie Cowan

3rd- Justin Clark & Bobby Sperry

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