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What Division Should I Play In?


One of our goals at KW Cornhole is to grow the game of cornhole for both the competitive AND social player. We have a great community of experienced players BUT we want to include all skill levels. Believe me, it's no fun getting beat 21-0 time after time. Therefore, for the 2018-19 season, ALL of our regional events will include MULTIPLE DIVISIONS for both our singles and doubles tournaments. That way, you can play with people at your skill level. What's the difference? 

Note: tournament director has final say on division placement.

Beginner Division

The Beginner Division is for those who are new to the game or those who have only played a few times in the backyard. This division is often combined with the Social Division. 

This division is intended for players at the 1 Bagger level (see below). If you win (or finish high in a bigger event) at this division then you will be asked to move up to the next division.

Prizes at this division are typically small, equaling about 0-40% of registration fees.

Social Division

The Beginner/Social Division is for players that enjoy playing casually (usually with a drink in hand). Players at this division can enjoy a laid back event with a chance to win smaller cash and and prize payouts.

The Social Division is intended for newer players and those who might be too tipsy to see only one board. Mostly 1 Bagger and 2 Bagger levels (see below) will play in this Division if it is offered. Players at this division typically play a few times per year and seldom, if ever, play in organized events. If you win (or finish high in a bigger event) at this division then you will be asked to move up to the next division.

Prizes at this division are typically small, equaling about 0-40% of registration fees.

Competitive Division

The Competitive Division is for players that enjoy playing competitively but aren't quite ready to compete with the top players. Players in this division can enjoy playing against other high skilled players as they continue to improve their games.

The Intermediate Division is intended for 3 Bagger players (see below). Players in this division likely play at least once, if not multiple times, per week. If you win (or finish high in a bigger event) at this division then you may be asked to move up to the next division.

Prizes at this division are bigger, equaling about 40-60% of registration fees.

Advanced Division

Anyone can play in the Advanced Division knowing that this is where the best of the best compete. This is the only Division for Premier and Elite Players. Most 3 Bagger and 4 Bagger players will play at this level as well if they are trying to improve and get maximum point opportunities.

The Advanced Division is intended for 4 Bagger and Premier players but is open to anyone. Players at this level typically play multiple times per week. To compete in this division, you should be making at least 2 bags in the hole consistently. 

Prizes at this division are the highest, equaling about 60-80% of registration fees. To win the most, you have to beat the best. 

Note: If an event only has two divisions: Advanced and Social then the Advanced division is geared toward the Advanced & Competitive player and the Social division is geared toward the Beginner & Social player.

Bagger Levels

  • 1 Bagger – This player has limited to no experience with the game. There is very little control over where the bag is going and the bag often misses the board. This player should only compete in social / backyard events and there is nothing wrong with playing casual games with friends and family to start the improvement process. (Dekaround Range: 0 – 30 points)

  • 2 Bagger – This player has a feel for the distance needed to toss the bag, but is erratic in getting the bag to consistently hit and stay on the board. Typically, this level of player is in the beginning stages of developing a consistent throwing motion that can be repeated. Player should play in the social division and start challenging themselves by playing against Competitive level players. (Dekaround Range: 31 – 55 points)

  • 3 Bagger – This player has started to develop some consistency when tossing the bag. They have a basic understanding of game strategy but have yet to master all the different types of throws including the airmail shot needed to excel and compete at the higher levels. Player should play Competitive level events knowing that they may struggle at first, but work towards getting better. (Dekaround Range: 56 – 70)

  • 4 Bagger – This player fully understands game strategy, but may struggle with consistency. At times this player looks like they can beat anyone, but then in a subsequent game or frame can struggle. Player is at a high Competitive level and should work towards getting better by challenging Premier level players. (Dekaround Range: 71 – 90)

  • Premier – This player can and wants to compete against anyone. This player can execute sliding the bag and airmailing the bag as needed. Player fully understands game strategy and likely plays and practices on a regular basis. (Dekaround Range: 91 – 120)


What is a Dekaround?

Dekaround Average is the average of your latest 10 dekarounds.

  • 1 round = 4 bags

  • 12 pts max per round

  • 10 rounds = 1 dekaround

  • 1 dekaround max is 120 pts

  • ACL stores and Averages the most recent 10 dekarounds scored

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