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For more in depth rules please click here.

Game Play:
• Each Game shall be no longer than 20 minutes.
• Teams may use alternate players in absences.

• Teams alternate tossing bags at the board.
• After the game has started, the team that got the most recent points will throw first.

• Games are played to 21.
• Players are awarded 3 points for their team when bag is tossed into the hole.
• Players are awarded 1 point for their team when bag rests on board after all bags after conclusion of inning.
• A tossed bag may never touch or hit the ground to be eligible for a point.

• If a bag is touching a bag on the ground, both bags are scored as zero.
• Teams are not required to win by 2.
• The Team that reaches or exceeds 21 & has the Highest Score at the end of the inning will be named the winner.

• There are no skunk or mercy-rule games.
• Upon completion of each match, both teams must report score to KW Cornhole official.
• Teams are required to maintain honesty, and sportsmanship at all times; especially as it relates to scoring.
• Any questions, protests or judgment calls will be made by KW Cornhole official.

Fouls may include;
• A player that clearly crosses the “line” in an effort to shorten the distance of the toss. (Bag is not scored)
• A player that physically disrupts an opponent’s toss. (Loss of next toss)
• A player who physically touches a bag on the game board while the inning is being played. (Bag to be scored using previous location)

• There are (4) Bags to a team/player.
• Each bag is roughly 6″ x 6″ and weighs approximately 450g.
• The Cornhole Board is 2′ W x 4′ L and the front of the board is 27′ from the line from which player’s must toss behind.


Lane Layout:

Disqualification and/or Ejection:
KW Cornhole will not entertain anyone who is continuously disruptive, harmful to others, and/or may not promote sportsmanship. Any KW Cornhole staff member, at any time, may eject or disqualify a player or team from the tournament/leaguet based on the aspects listed above or based on the judgment of the KW Cornhole staff member. Disqualified or ejected players may gladly express their case by contacting us privately. Any disqualification, ejection or player who receives multiple fouls during a tournament/league, may result in a lifetime ban from the KW Cornhole, their tournaments, and their social parties. In addition to the outlines provided by this website, players must follow the rules established by the location, location staff, and/or KW Cornhole staff member.


If you have any questions please contact us.

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