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2019 Ho Ho Ho-lio Results

December WCO Regional Tournament

Tournament Results:

Advanced Doubles:

1st- Jeff Shantz & Scott Sullivan

2nd- Dean Lang & Jerry Halfpenny

3rd- Paul Marshall & Matt Pleil

Competitive Doubles:

1st- Adam Hubbert & Dave Hubbert

2nd- Rick Wiersma & Russ Fisher

3rd- Scott Legare & Pat Lindley

Intermediate Doubles:

1st- Jack Fisher & Conrad Dix

2nd- David Dobin & Andrew Ross

3rd- Kristen Platt & Taylor Wiersma

Advanced Singles:

1st- Matt Pleil

2nd- Cory Golbeck

3rd- Jamie Cowan

Competitive Singles:

1st- Rick Wiersma

2nd- Marc Larcher

3rd- Jerry Halfpeny

Advanced Blind Draw Doubles:

1st- Dean Lang & Jamie Cowan

2nd- Adam Hubbert & Scott Sullivan

3rd- Russ Fisher & Steve Poll

Intermediate Blind Draw Doubles:

1st- Jerry Halfpenny & Taylor Wiersma

2nd- Ron Price & Kyle Robertson

3rd- Craig Shantz & Terry McDougall

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