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The Throw Down : Recap

14 teams entered the Throw Down Cornhole Tournament on May 7th at The Edelweiss Tavern in Kitchener. Of the 14 teams only 4 of them have entered into a KW Cornhole event in the past, which would make for some interesting play.

Round Robin:

Every team played 3 randomly assigned opponents in the Round Robin. The Schwantzens and the Natural Corn Killers both managed to make it out of the round robin without a loss giving them a bye in the first round of the playoff brackets.

The Schwantzens ended up with a bigger points difference getting them first place after round robin, winning them a $25 Gift Certificate to JC Cornhole, as well as a Beau's All Natural Brewing Prize Package.

Cornado finished the round robin stage in last place, which won them a $25 gift certificate to JC Cornhole as well as a Beau's All Natural Brewing Prize Package.


In the first round of playoffs the #11 seeded Amateur Corn Stars upset the #6 seeded 8Baggers.

In round 2 the #7 seed of Still Can Hit The Hole game #2 Natural Corn Killers their first loss of the day knocking them into the losers bracket.

In the Semi Finals The Schwantzens (1) beat Still Can Hit The Hole (7) to put them into the losers bracket. Still Can Hit The Hole battled their way out of the losers bracket to face off against The Schwantzens again in the Finals.

The final match was the closest of the day going back and forth the whole game and was tied at 20 points each for 2 rounds before The Schwantzens were finally able to score a point to win the tournament undefeated.

Thanks to everyone who came out to the tournament. And Thanks to Beau's Brewing and JC Cornhole for the prizes for the event. And thanks to Edelweiss Tavern for the hospitality.

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