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Summer Shootout : Recap

KW Cornhole hosted their first ACL regional point’s event of the 2017/2018 season on Sunday. The Summer Shootout presented by Wellington Brewery​ and Edelweiss Tavern​ had 36 players register for the afternoon event.

18 teams took the doubles round robin portion of the tournament to determine their seed for the double knockout tournament. After the dust settled from an action packed round robin there were 5 teams with a perfect record. But it was Team Cullen who ranked #1 after only allowing 3 points against in round robin.

An 8 bag challenge skills competition was played during the intermission and after 15 players gave an attempt Jamie Cowan​ walked away the winner with a score of 18 of 24.

The first round of playoffs sent some past champions, KWCL Season 1 Champions ‘4 In The Hole’ and Baden Corn Fest Champions ‘Sand Baggers’, to the Losers bracket quicker than they wanted.

As the tournament progressed top teams were getting eliminated left and right until the finals where #1 seed Team Cullen was to face off against #9 seed 4 In The Hole who battled their way through the losers bracket, after losing in the first round of playoffs, all the way into the Finals.

The doubles finals match saw 4 In The Hole win 21-14 in an upset to take game 1 and force a game 2. Team Cullen would regroup for game 2 and with a commanding victory of 21-3 win the Doubles portion of the Summer Shootout!

The singles tournament was up next with 13 registered players all determined to get maximum ACL points for the day.

The winner’s bracket final was won by London’s Kevin M. Dugal​ 21-3 over Kitchener’s Jamie Cowan.

Jamie then faced off against Waterloo’s Cory Golbeck​ for a chance at a rematch against Kevin. It was a close match but Cory was able to sneak away with a 21-17 victory.

The finals would see Kevin Dugal face Cory Golbeck, but Kevin could not be beat, winning 21-9 in the finals making him the Summer Shootout Singles Champion.

Thanks to everyone who came out to the tournament and to Wellington Brewery for sponsoring the tournament and Edelweiss Tavern for hosting!

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