2019 Cash Days

Date: Saturday, August 17th, 2019
Time: 1:00pm - 8:00pm
Location: Edelweiss Tavern

600 Doon Village Rd. Kitchener

Tournament Schedule: 

Tentative Schedule:

1:00pm - Registration/Practice Opens

2:00pm - Round Robin Starts

2:30pm - Registration Closes

Rouund Robin Ends

Playoffs Start

Costs & Payouts:

Every Game wins Money!
Rotating Partners 8 Game Round Robin
• $10 to the winning team of each game
• Round Robin Winner gets a $25 bonus

Single Elimination Playoff Brackets
'A' Bracket - Top half from round robin
• payout = 50% of entries + $150 from Oktane Cornhole Gear
• to pay Top 3 finishers
'B' Bracket - Bottom half from round robin
• payout = $50 from Oktane Cornhole Gear
• to pay Top 3 finishers

Entry = $40 per player
• each player gets a minimum of 9 games each with a chance at winning cash!

For Fun entry option = $15 per player
• play 8 round robin games and your playoff bracket with no payouts.

Every player must have the Scoreholio app on their phone for this tournament!

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