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Season 8 Results

Last night was the final night of KWCL Monday Night Cornhole League Season 8 presented by Beau's.

The final night had 14 players show up for the seeded partners tournament. Each players average score throughout the season was calculated and were assigned a partner to give each team an equal shot at winning on the final night.

In the finals it was Dan MacMaster who had 8 wins this season paired up with rookie Philip Tavares against the middle ranked team of Jamie Cowan and Craig Raymond (each with 1 win).

Dan and Philip battled through the losers bracket to make it to the final and won game 1 21 to 5.

The second game would be much closer with the score ending at 21-18 for Jamie and Craig.

Jamie Cowan and Craig Raymond ended up the Playoff Champions.

Jeff Shantz and Cory Golbeck ended up winning the BYOP Points Championship by 26 points over Dan MacMaster and Richard Golbeck.

See the final matchup here:

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